Skora Gin

Dwarven Soldier


Age: Whipper Snapper (50 yrs) Distinguishing Marks: Missing Tooth


Advanced Skills
Common Knowledge (Dwarf)
Speak Khazalid
Speak Reikspeil
Trade (Smith)
Dodge Blow


Grudge-born Fury (greenskins)
Night Vision
Resistance to Magic
Spedialist Weapon (2-handed)
Quick Draw
Strike to Stun
Strike to Injure
Strike Mighty Blow

Primary Responsability: KILL STUFF!



Skora Gin… Born an draised in Luftburg in Nordheim to a large family of six dwarves, he being the youngest at 50 years, and being tired of the small village life, joined his two elder brothers in the army as a Soldier. After years of military service, the battle of the Bridge of Untergard ended his official career when, though victorious, his brethren died defending the bridge. In what many thought to be a futile last stand, Kora’s brothers rallied the scattered defenders and saved the besieged city of Untergard. As Skora recovered from the battle he focused his training on dealing massive damage to any that stand in his way. He lost his brothers, but he will NOT be bested again! As a child Skora waw quiet and detemined, though distractable by a few of his favorite activities (food/drink, fighting and thinking of new and inventive uses for his halberd). In most ways he is an average dwarf, but he excells at eating, drinking and offending non-dwarves. Skora’s elder brothers were his heroes. They exemplified all things Dwarvish and were excellent fighters, as evidenced by their performance on the Bridge of Untergard. The three dwarves always trained together and enjoyed few things more than hunting “Green Skins” for sport. To make their sport more entertaining, they would set rules for themselves such as completely incapacitating their quarry before delivering a death blow. Skora’s preferred approach was to charge into single combat sining non-sensical drinking songs while swinging the haft of his halberd like a club. In the final moments before colliding with his intended target, Skora likes to kick them to the ground and stomp on it’s knees and elbows with his steel shod boots before planting a steel shod tree in it’s chest. Although highly entertaining to his brothers, Skora once tried it on a large green skin and received a complimentary oral climate control remodel courtesy of the Green Skin’s groddy, unshod foot. He picked toenail shards out of his mouth for hours and it took a week to get the taste/smell of Orc feet out of his mouth. Unfortunately the tooth that was knocked out of his head was never recovered.

Skora Gin

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