Messenger with an Elven Bow (headed towards Scout)


Male Elf

Goes by Heth

other versions of his name: Heth-Los, Heth-san-Los, Hetharil-san-Los

  • a bit bulky, but poor health
  • smart and agile
  • trained with longbow
  • speaks Eltharin and Reikspiel
  • knows his way around domestic animals
  • has traveled around on horseback and can take care of himself well outdoors
  • perceptive
  • common knowledge about Elves and the Wasteland

Heth is from a poor servant family known as san-Los. He has one older sister Tilal-Los. Parents are household servants of a retired head of the city guard from a larger city. He’s name is Marasil-gos-Lem and he was a sort of a local celebrity in his time.

Family treats others fairly but doesn’t really go out of their way to be helpful. They are known as such. Their employer has trusted them at times with valuable information or important errands. The family is deeply religious, but not concerned about worldly affairs and even less on military matters. Mother, Kailal, was injured in an accident caused by a stranger while on travel with father (Seril). She suffers from serious pains on her left side especially when stretching. The san-Los family feels now homebound and are disinterested in the outside world. Mother’s mother (Famokal) and father’s father (Seth, both grandparent now bear the family name san-Los) still live and are respected as heads of the family. Distant ancestor on father’s side was the founder of their hometown and he (Hekoth-lan-Kor) is mostly remembered (and revered) only by in the family. There are six members of extended family, and they all live in the town or villages near by. One of them is a skilled archer Kaloth-till-En for the town guard and also taught Heth the use of bows.

Family spent a lot of time outdoors and traveling when Hetharil was young. He enjoyed thoroughly the life outdoors and learned to always find his way. He also enjoyed seeing different places. He became familiar with the Wasteland mainly from stories of moral but of adventure, too. Such were the stories that his father’s father Seth liked to tell way back.

Sister Tilal was very much into the family religion, but Heth knows that really she nowadays only pretends to honor the family deity as she now really is a devote worshiper of another good god. She is now married to a merchant family that her own family considers a step up, even though that family is not so well-to-do nor has ever really been. The husband’s name is Marol-te-Kan. They now have three children.

Heth had a close little brother Hekoth but he died when just less than 20 yrs old (young child for elves) in a robbery while the family was on the road. Heth doesn’t really make friends, maybe because loosing his brother was so painful. With people he is more observant than engaging. Heth has nevertheless one close friend Krahas Torm. This Krahas is a dwarf and works in a smithy. (Perhaps this is why he was able to make friends with Skora Gin)

As a youth, he ventured to the wrong side of law. He stole an heirloom of little value from his grandmother. He felt that she didn’t deserve to have it since she didn’t respect it – it was a religious item of the god that Tilal now worships.Heth was suspected of the theft but no one could prove it. His sister knows the truth and actually keeps the heirloom now. Heth doesn’t respect laws much because too often those seem to upheld people or practices he cannot respect. As a young elf he noticed that he had a very keen vision and a perceptive mind. He things they would be very useful in case he wanted to get gain in non-respectable ways. He has so far kept mostly to the ethical ways often rehearsed in his family, though a serious temptation might possibly change that.

Heth became a messenger for human nobility to support himself because of the poverty of his family. He would have wanted to get some education as he had the smarts for it. He has since become more distant with his parents and grandparents, but feels still strong loyalty towards them. He recently joined the army recruited to fend of the chaotic upraising. On that he felt strongly to be his duty to do something.

Heth likes to do good to others when it seems important or meaningful or it doesn’t cost him much. Good acts are not a real value to him in of themselves. He is loyal only to the people he trusts and respects. Authoritative figures he doesn’t automatically trust but rather questions their motives. Also social norms may be good for some folk (especially those who cannot manage their own lives) but he obliges when he must. At times he is tempted by the lucrative benefits that could be obtained by unethical acts. He doesn’t value fame – he knows how quickly people forget one-time heroes like Marasil that his family still serves or his town-founder ancestor whom only his family now remembers at all.


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