3c - Trail leads to sewers

What now? The college of theology is located close to the magicians guild which was considered possibly significant. Maybe these were some knowledge gathering or scouting attemps by the skaven and the people who sighted them were quickly killed. The killed watchman hadn’t even cried for help – there had been other guardmen fairly close by at the time. Someone wanted to examine the bodies. Another wanted to investigate all the murder sights. They went to the college of theology and tried to find out if anything of value had become missing since the killing of the door keep. No one could give any clues on that and they were not allowed to search the building either. The results were the exactly the same at the engineering guild.

Heth was mostly interested in solving the mystery of the unidentified stranger. The group headed to the cemetery by the temple of Moor. There it was found out that the stranger had had a proper burial after all. A group of three men that wheren’t much for conversation, showed up soon after the stranger’s body was brought in. Their leader had been dark and tall with a scarred face and blue eyes. The men had named the stranger Gerthard Kroen, a follower of Sigmar. They had paid for a proper funeral for the stranger that had been held yesterday. They had even gotten him a simple tombstone, where the group was led. Someone asked about his belongings, but the three men had taken all that – not that there had been much anything of apparent value.

The tombstone was clearly freshly chiseled and it simply stated the name of the deceased and it also had the twin comet symbol of Sigmar. A more careful eye caught also small lettering on the bottom of the stone: “OxF”. After pondering if it had any meaning to anyone, Waldor recalled it coming from Order Fedilis, a mysterious, and dangerous group of witch hunters.

Now the group wanted to see the place where this Gerthard Kroen had been when he had met his fate. The people of the temple were able to instruct the investigators there. The group was also told that man had been found laying on the alley with an empty crossbow in his hands. The alleyway was in a damaged section of the city district, probably because of some hell cannon salvos.

In the alley a trail of blood drops was spotted and it followed an open sewer and led to the outer wall of the city. At this point there was an undamaged iron mesh covering the sewer through the wall. Stepping on the bottom of the open sewer revealed, however, an opening that lead to a tunnel leading back to into the city. The opening seemed carefully concealed.

Dietfried thought that we should get some men to join us before we head into the tunnel or go and report to Commander Olrich. Others felt that they really didn’t have much anything yet to report and that this was what they had set out to find out by themselves in the first place. So they entered the tunnel with one torch lit. The tunnel soon connected to a sewer main line. This was slightly nauseating to some. Supprisingly the elf in his finery didn’t seem worse off.

The came to a crossing, the main line continued strait on, but there was a side tunnel to the right. The tunnel to the right was taken. It seemed constructed by skavens. All of a sudden a rat person was seen in the tunnel just sitting with its back towards the direction from which the group was approaching from. Skora Gin and Heth-Los knock arrows to their bows and let them fly. The dwarf hits the skaven squarely on the head, and Heth’s arrow slices its belly open. It’s very dead by the time its body thuds to the ground. This skaven seemed to have some sort of mutation as there was a big horn protruding from its forehead.

The side tunnel came to stop as it ran into a collapse (the city watch had sealed off and collapsed some of the tunnels dug by the skaven). There was a large opening to the left, however, and some flickering light coming from there. Heth and Skora stepped forward carefully and saw that there was a larger area there with three skaven creatures on the far side sitting on separate piles of filth and whatever what preferred to make their beds from. These skaven were focusing on ‘grooming’ themselves or just laying there. On the left side of the area there was apparently a fire burning but still not visible.

As arrows start hitting the skaven, they are first surprised but then start their attack. Waldor casts magical bolts and Dietfried readies his hammer. There two more skaves by the fire and they too enter the fray. Soon two skaven lie dead, but a clearly larger type of skaven enters the area illuminated by the fire. Waldor uses his magic and makes a large roar sound from behind the large skaven startling it and also the rest of the skaven. Arrows continue to fly from Heth’s bow, hitting some and missing some. Dietrich and Skora Gin approach the large skaven as the smaller skaven are now dead with the exception of one that fled to the back where large skaven had come from. After others have soften it, Dietrich makes a charge and strikes the skaven down with a mighty blow from his hammer while shouting Sigmar. There is a small separate area behind the area with the fire and on its way there the fleeing skaven had tripped trap wire and was quickly finished by one or two blows when it was reached be the group.

The back area had also a or two bed made of a pile rubbish and filth. There is also a staglamite that Skora Gin recognizes to be a concealed altar to a dwarven god. Apprently the skaven have not realized this. The bed piles are search and the surroundings of the fire, maybe less carefully or more thoroughly by Heth who ends up being bitten by bugs found in the beds. He becomes infected, but later washes himself carefully and takes a bath and is cured. Most of the skaven had leather armor that is not suitable for human use because of odd shapes they are made into – and maybe more importantly the stench of filth that probably even powerful magic can’t remove. Neither do the bed piles contain anything that anyone wants to take – well, that is until the golden frame is discovered in a trash pile in the back. It is from the stolen icon, but no trace of the actual icon is found.

The group return to surface, clean up and then go report to Olrich. The commander rewards each of the investigators with 10 gp for recovering the frame.



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