3b - Ratmen, do they exist?

The group of four was led quickly (after the letter of recommendation had been shown) to the back of Sigmar’s temple and into father Morten’s chamber on the third floor with his body still sprawled on the floor. The window was open and it led to a three-inch ledge on the outer wall. On the window sill it was noticed that there were some scratches, probably from claws. A careful search of the body revealed a tiny black dart on the back of the neck. It was carefully wrapped in a cloth by Dietfried.

When killed father Morten had been in the process of writing a letter or a note on the icon of Sigmar that had disappeared with the murderer. He was assessing that this was indeed a genuine artifact that might have been drawn from a living model some millenia ago while the frame was workmanship of a later era.

A quick search was conducted on the ally below the open window of father Morten’s room. There was a water spout in the corner of the wall and maybe five yards along the ledge from the window. Someone spotted claw marks on the spout and on the grown. No one in the group was skilled in tracking and the few trail marks quickly vanished on the ally.

Dietfried knew that there were rumors of ratmen, but all that believed any of it were taken as fools and any that spread them rightout loonies. So they were not to draw any conclusions on their findings publicly. The investigations decided after a lengthy discussion to take their findings (without making any conclusions themselves) to Commander Olrich.

Commander was slightly troubled to learn about the dart and scratch marks. “I know that no one believes that there are rat people at all. But these skavens are real, let me assure you. The vile ratmen have been a scourge on the city of Middenheim for centuries. Now, there have been three other killings in last few days by a dart like this one. Let me show you.” Olrich had a watchman bring him a small box and opening it, he showed his investigators three similar black darts side by side on the soft lining of that box. He carefully placed the fourth one there too and handed the box back to the guard.

“There seems little common with these three – well now four – killings. One was the door keeper at the college of theology. One was a city watchman on patrol by the dwarven engineers’ guildhouse. And the last of the three some unknown stranger on an alleyway. I think they all have had their funerals – or just buried like that unfortunate unidentified fellow in the public cemetery by the people from the temple of Moor.

“I thank you, thought the news are grave. I hope you can find out more.” And the group was led out by a member of the city guard.



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