3a - Waldor the Wizard

While Dietfried, Heth and Skora Gin are meeting with Commander Schulzmann (Agis is now taking care of his businesses in the market district, and may not be seen again), a watchman enters the room and hands the commander a gold-leafed envelope sealed with purple wax.

Commander scans the letter slowly and finally the watchman gets a nod and he leads a peculiar man in. The man has a scruffy dark hair and very dark eyes. He is fairly young (in his 20s) but even then he is carrying a sturdy looking staff.

Commander Schulzmann says: “Meet Waldor Gebaur. Lord Riese from the Celestial Order wants him to join you in your investigations. And no – I do not know the reason, nor do I think Mr. Gebaur here knows much better, but I am sure the Celestial Order has it reasons – and they are not to be trifled with. You are to report to me directly on whatever it is that you find out. Now go.”

While on the way to the Sigmar’s temple, Waldor tells a little about his background to others: “When the Chaos started its attack on the city there was a massive panic in the streets. I and other of the Celestial Order were called to defend the city and we eventually beat them back—well the city guard did some of it, that’s true. But it didn’t happen without significant losses and damage—as you can see.” Waldor points to a crumbled corner of a building and a scorched section of the city wall that they happen to be passing.

“When the Chaos was on retreat all of the Order set to pursuit and they are yet to return.” Waldor explains to others that pursuits of anything but the Celestial discipline is a capital offence and thus the practioners of the Magical Arts usually refer to themselves as the Celestial Order. —There is a hint in his voice that the official truth might not be the real truth of the matter, maybe there is something very illegal about his own studies, too.)

For several weeks Waldor had carried that sealed letter from Lord Riese. The letter mentioned the murder of father Morten, which had now happened only hours ago, and it assigned Waldor to participate in the investigation of the murder.



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