2c - Murder in Middenheim

Refuges from Undergard arrive at Middenheim. There are massgraves outside the walls and buildings and wall have suffered some obvious damage. On the outer walls there are some dead invaders hanging from their hooked arms they must have used to scale the walls.

Members of the ragtag company disband after entering the gates of the City of the White Wolf each taking care of his own.

The group of four head to Sigmar’s temple to deliver the precious icon of Sigmar. Agis and Heth stay outside with Heth’s horse and Agis’ cart. Dietfried and Skora Gin are received by father Morten. He is exceedingly greatful of the artifact and rewards the initiate and the dwarf with two small silver hammers on chains, which they were around their necks when stepping finally out of the temple and onto the street where Heth and Agis were waiting.

Soon the group is stopped by the city guard – and lead to a fancy admistrative building. The reason seems to be that some refugees from Undergard have been talking about the large group of beastmen that were roaming the region south of Middenheim. The group is met by Olrich Schulzmann, who is the commander of the city guard – and in the current absence of the city Graff the highest city official.

The group is accused of killing father Morten, who was found dead in the temple shortly after the artifact was delivered to him. Also, the artifact icon is now missing. The group is able to convince Olrich of their innocense and they are in fact asked to assist in finding the guilty. The group, or more exactly Dietfried, is given a letter of recommendation from the commander so that the bearer of the letter is to be given all appropriate aid in their investigation.



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