2b - Granny goes missing - twice

When the party of four from the Grimmenhagen caught up with the Undergard company of refugees, it was noticed that Granny was missing. People quickly noticed this from the crying of the orphans travelling in Granny’s cart.

Hans helps the group track Granny’s trail. Eventually the group meets some elven kithband warriors, which are sort of guardians of the woods. They have Granny. Heth as an elf leads discussion and explains that the company is just passing through. The kithband are informed of the approaching beastmen, which information they take seriously. Granny is then returned to the Undergard company.

Next little bit the company moves without incident towards Middenheim. Then another trail crosses the trail the company travels. Around the crossing and in woods are more than a dozen bodies lying. There has been a battle – a devastating one, but by estimation it took place more than a week ago. Four dead horses and overturned carriage are also on the trail. The group and Hans search the surrounding. There are goblin arrows on the ground and on the bodies. No goblin bodies are found. There is however on the bodies a symbol recognized as signifying a merchant from Albres. Dietfried, Skora Gin and Agis obtain better body armor from the fallen, while Heth finds a genuine elven bow.

Father Dietrich also comes to the scene and goes to check an apparent place with a good view to the crossing where a group of goblin archers might have stood. All of a sudden there is big crash! Father Dietrich has fallen into a pit trap. It’s bad. There tens of sharp stakes. Many have pierced him. Dietfried Notchman and rest of the group come to Dietrich. He won’t survive this. Father talks to Dietfried and gives him an old artifact that is a gold-framed icon of Sigmar while vowing him to take it to the temple of Sigmar in Middenheim.

The able-bodied men clear the corpses and the wreckage before the company continues or any children are allowed near the crossing. The crossing path has a sign pointing east and saying “Farndorf”. This causes great stress for Granny – her father was killed there when the village still stood. He had kept food from the men of the Graff of Grimmenhagen so that he could feed his family in the coming winter.

The company makes a camp for the night good distance from the crossing. In the middle of night crying of the children wake up the company. Children are crying because Granny has vanished and there is no one to comfort them. No body has seen Granny leave.

The group sets out to find Granny – they head back to the crossing passed earlier and head towards Farndorf. After a mile or two they come to a clearing with the ruins of the village of Farndorn where there is a bonfire with several figures moving around it. As the group approach, they recognize Granny chanting from a tome by the bonfire. She is accompanied by four wolves. In the fire there appears momentarily a horned figure.

The group moves in to stop the ritual. The wolves react by attacking. The group is able to kill the wolves and Granny before the ritual is completed – no one is seriously hurt either. Granny was much older than she let on – her life was probably prolonged by some sort of magic. Dietfried finds her tome to be very evil and the ritual would have summoned a vengeful spirit – that she would have caused to attack the Chaos forces that caused all this devastation of lives in the Empire and in Undergard. The book is burned though Agis was a little sad to see something so valuable (in monetary value) go unsalvaged. Heth skins the four wolves and four nice pelts are taken back to the Agis’ cart.

Rest of the trip to Middenheim goes more peacefully.


Poor Granny. She was just trying to get a little vengeance done… and ends up on the less business end of an axe. Alas, poor Granny, you should have got more levels in evil rituals. Maybe could have finished before your disemboweling.

2b - Granny goes missing - twice

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