2a - Attempt at saving Grimmenhagen

The ragtag band of refugees from Undergard consisted of 80 some people, including dozen or so children – many of whom were orphans cared by Granny Mavis. Granny was leading one cart or wagon that was filled with the orphans. The company included also two other carts that carried the small amount of possessions the townfolks were able to take along. Besides the people in the carts Heth-Los was the only one riding a horse.

On the second day, as the company was using a trail leading towards Middenheim they needed to pass by a small town by the name of Grimmenhagen. There had existed a great resentment between Undergard and Grimmenhagen since the time that Undergard was build – actually by people who left Grimmenhagen as they felt oppressed by the Graff Sturnhauer ruling there. The resentment build up as the Undergarders did in fact fare well by themselves.

The people in the company, including captain Schiffer, took a path to go around the town without stopping there. Especially Dietfried, but also Heth and Skora Gin took upon them to inform the town people of the new approaching threat of beastmen.

The town of Grimmenhagen had suffered almost as much as Undergart in recent attacks by chaotic forces. However, they were now in the process of rebuilding, replanting and restoring the town. There were two people standing apart and apparently doing nothing – a scruffy-looking merchant with a cart of covered wares and a bailiff for the Graff. The merchant didn’t have luck finding potential customers – but on the other hand he wasn’t very open what exactly he was offering or making a big number of himself. The bailiff Gunter seemed to have some official errand or business to take -care of with the townspeople, but was very apprehensive to actually get to it.

Dietfried came to the main opening of the town and called everyone to come and harken. He warned the people in the name of Sigmar of the approaching beastmen, and called them to leave the town as the people from another town nearby had already done (the name of the town was wisely withheld). Townspeople didn’t take the threat seriously – or felt that they could deal with another raiding band that Chaos would throw their way as they had before. Finally, the town promises to send scouts southward were the beastmen would be coming from.

The merchant, whose name was Agis Shwalb, was eventually the only one willing to leave at the behest of a servant of Sigmar, a horse-riding elf and a dangerous-looking dwarf. These four caught up with the Undergard company soon after it had circumvent the town and got back on the main trail towards Middenheim.



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