1 - In Untergard

There are forces of Chaos roaming about the lands of the Empire causing much devastation. An army was mustered and sent to fight them.

Heth-Los and Skora Gin fought with the army and were seriously wounded in a big battle at Undergard and were left behind to recooperate. Dietfried just came to town a week or more after the battle took place. That previous big battle left this town Undergard all but ruins, but the forces of Chaos were repelled and the army moved on. Keeping the Undergard under the control of the Empire was significant as it as its one of the places with bridge over an important river that starts near Middenheim in northern Empire and connects with river Talabec near Altdorf.

The survivors numbered less than a hundred and were hungry and clothed in rags. Granny, old lady of significance in the town, was taking care of the numerous ophans and had became in a way their new mother. There was also a newly arrived priest of Sigmar, father Dietrich, who was still a stranger to most in town, but respected though the town more revered Ulric.

Scora Gin, Heth and Dietfried made aquintance in the town square were a gathering was taking place. Local graff was delighted of the bravery of the town people in keeping the river crossing and had send a few bottles of wine and dozen or two loaves of bread to the struggling people. Before any food was delivered a bottle was blasted in pieces in captain Schiffer’s hand. The cause was an arrow shot from the other side of the river deviding the town. Across the main bridge, that was next to the town square, were four hideous mutants coming toward the now terrified and panicking town folk.

The dwarf, the elf and Sigmar’s initiate (who knows no divine magic as of yet) stepped up to defend the ragged survivors including women and orphans. Dietfried and Skora Gin took a stand in the bridge and Heth stepped a few yard along the river bank to have a clear shot with his bow to the mutants behind the first two, who were engaged in close combat with his fellows on the bridge.

Skora Gin was frenzied having an opportunity to give it back to the Chaos creatures the death of his brother. He scored hits on the mutants bodies on a steady rate, while the elf on the bank had a few good hits too. Dietfrief seemed to be aiming for the air around the mutants rather than anything else. He was also wounded severly in his thigh. The mutants were defeated, but also Skora Gin bleeding after the battle. Father Dietrich provided some healing.

Hans was a woodsman and a scout for the town. He came to town with news that around 200 beastmen were headed towards the town. The captain of the city guard (Schiffer) decided – with the support of Granny in convincing the town folk – to evacuate the town and all its 80 already malnourished and very ragged survivors. Schiffer asked us to help them on their way to Middenheim. Even though he was in no way pretending that anyone could reward us for doing so, we readily agreed to accompany them.



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